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Matrix-Q Play

Daily Remote Play (Online) Sessions

Weekly Outdoors Play Sessions

Learn the innovative Matrix-Q Skills to create together the new economy of the future we want

HOW DOES IT WORK?  You need to taste in order to know

  • STEP-by-STEP
    • You need to purchase tickets for Matrix-Q Collective Play Sessions (see url below)
    • You need your own the Matrix-Q DNA Code to play. We generate one for first time players.
    • You attend play sessions and utilize your Matrix-Q Skills to play
    • You learn by playing.
    • At each Matrix-Q Play Session you receive group-coaching-training
    • According to your membership subscription you schedule individual-coaching-training sessions, workshops, full day trainings, e-learning (subscription), webinars, think-tank, emails or WhatsApp-trainings
    • You choose the intensity, velocity and depth of your own learning experience

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At the Matrix-Q Akademia we offer 81 Certificates for impact leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, talents and impact-investors

The certificates are facilitated through modules, coaching-training sessions, study-circles, workshops, full -day trainings, e-learning subscriptions, WhatsApp and e-mails learning programs, and smart-apps (EduTech) learning tools.

At Matrix-Q Learn Play we use e-games, simulations, LARP Life Action Role Games, challenges, collective-thinking and innovative Matrix-Q Games that will help you connect, learn together with others receive group-coaching and accelerate your learning curve.

We will learn to use all Matrix-Q Tools, knowledge, data-sets, skills, technology, systems, models, algorithms, by playing.


Discover more at the Matrix-Q Play Workshop 101 or contact us for Q&A, an assessment of your capacity and skills, individual coaching-training to tailor-made your challenges and content of your Matrix-Q Play sessions. 

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