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Learn-play OUTDOORS LEISURE PROGRAM Sunrise & Sunset Meet-ups: Holistic-Lifestyle: sense, connect, create, have fun!


Learn-play OUTDOORS LEISURE PROGRAM Sunrise & Sunset Meet-ups: Holistic-Lifestyle: Sense, connect, create, have fun!

Work-Life Balance & Human Competences

We play, we explore, we learn, we connect, we enjoy and have fun

It’s Leisure time

We enter the forest, sea, river or dune, in order to let nature inspire us and nurture us

We remember, with our senses, how safe, balanced, and harmonious life can be



  • Our aim is to enjoy a relaxed time, where learning and playing come together with leisure and skills


  • We provide a diversity of workshops, of 1×40 min to 3×40 min length


  • Body Stress release
  • Connect with yourself and with other people that enjoys to be outdoors in nature like you
  • Vitalizing, connecting with nature with all your senses
  • Cultivate and strengthen a positive mindset with emotional and mental stress release
  • Have fun, enjoy playing
  • Some times slow and meditative; some times dynamic and energetic, some times organic
  • Learn new skills (see workshops and immersive modules below)


  • You RSVP using our tickets system, choose the date and time you prefer to join us, workshop you want to attend
  • OUTDOORS: mostly a sunrise and sunset time. We meet at the forest (nature) in Rhenen, take a walk to a special place, breath with nature, play, enjoy and relax. (see program below)
  • Alternative: you can follow up online: join our community platform, e-learning subscriptions, webinars, and remote coaching training and play sessions 


  • The program varies according to the length of the event.
  • Every 40 min there is a small pause for just relaxing, staying, and connecting with nature in a personal private way
  • > Segment 01: Walking in nature, slow forest bathing, conscious breathing, sensory-awareness, Q&A
  • > Segment 02: Learn-play micro workshop activities (see topics of the day below) Q&A
  • > Segment 03: Leisure activity, connecting and relaxing, Q&A
  • > Segment 04: Group coaching activity, Q&A
  • > Segment 05: Closing circle 


  • The workshops are designed to bring you skills through leisure and playful activities
  • The method is known as indirect learning. You take a challenge, designed to engage you in such a way that new skills will be used, acquired, or developed.
  • This unique methodology (The Matrix-Q Method) is nature-inspired and aims to unleash human potential.
  • We have coined and crafted workshops to learn-play since 1993, with a library of more than 729 learning activities, games, and skills.
  • The workshop focus will be announced below and you can choose them from the tickets section


  • Every season or month we choose new workshops from a library of 729 learn-play activities
  • You are welcome to stay at least 40 min or max 3×40 min every session
  • The topics vary depending on the day of the week


JULY Reconnecting with life and nature

  • We welcome a new stage in our life, after 2 complex years.
  • By connecting with our body, emotions and mind, we release old stress and tensions and open ourselves to receive new empowering and nurturing impulses from life and nature
  • By allowing nature to share with us, its balance, harmony and beauty, we merge in a nature-inspired intelligence 
  • By connecting with each other and within ourselves in a circle, we celebrate to be together


We explore the theme of the month from diverse perspectives:

  • TUESDAY*: Sensory-Awareness  Games 
    • SENSORY-AWARENESS: Coordinate your body, breathe, emotions, attention, while exploring nature with all your senses
  • WEDNESDAY*: Role Play Games 
    • ROLE-PLAY: Take a role, play with it. Be for a moment in the shoes and clothes of another person, mindset and feelings. 
  • THURSDAY*: Primordial Yoga Games 
    • PRIMORDIAL YOGA: It is an ancient system of yoga which utilizes geometry and proportions, sound, colour (visualization), movement, emotions+mind+Body awareness, positive emotions and conscious breathing. The games help you acquire new skills and experience the world in a completely new way. Refreshing and new.
  • FRIDAY*: Dance Improv. + Circle Dance : Playful dance
    • DANCE IMPROV. + CIRCLE DANCE: We improvise dance and movement with the rhythms of nature, with its classical elements: fire, water, wind earth and ether. OR we do a circle dance, exploring a traditional dance of an ancient or far away culture, learning about their ways, emotions, and skills for connecting with nature and with each other.
  • (*) We always include conscious breathing (Matrix-Q Breathe) and slow forest-bathing
  • Along the group coaching, we may also do some story telling 
  • At the end of the session, we may enjoy to take sunset pictures (photography) or meet together for a late coffee or refreshing drinks


  • You are welcome to attend any of these hours, follow up, deep in, and advance your skills
  • The activities always change, to help you learn faster. It will always feel like attending for the first time.

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • 7:20 AM – 8:00 AM CEST
  • 11:40 AM – 12:20 PM CEST
  • 19:20 PM – 21:20 PM CEST


  • 19:20 PM – 21:20 PM CEST


  • 19:20 PM – 20:00 PM CEST


  • Learning by playing
  • Learning by doing
  • Holistic learning
  • Learning from nature
  • Indirect learning
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


  • Lead by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (About Luis), Certified Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers will bring you along with an immersive leisure-driven experience a new approach for learning while connecting with nature, with people, and having fun.
  • Luis is the founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Holistic-Coach-Trainer, Research & Innovation Consultant, has experience as a facilitator and group coaching since 1993. Also playing outdoors (scouts) until 1989. Traveler, explorer, spent much of his time, research expeditions, outdoors, learning about nature, ancient cultures and civilizations, and human potential. Developed the Matrix-Q Body-of-Work and the Matrix-Q Education methodology, for accelerated holistic learning, founder of the Matrix-Q Akademia, which matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic education standards. He provides coaching training to the c-level leaders in the corporate and travels business since 2000.


  • We always facilitate these activities outdoors.
  • Our Head-Quarters outdoors location is the city of Rhenen, in the Netherlands. 
  • We usually meet at the Grebbeberg Street, at the entrance of the Hotel Paviljoen, in front of the forest. 
  • Some days we may have another meeting point in another forest up the hill also in Rhenen. 
  • The precise meeting points you will be informed after you RSVP. The forests we meet are 5 min bike and no more than 15 min walk from Rhenen downtown. 
  • About RHENEN. It is a small location (city), filled with history and surrounded by natural reserves, where leisure and nature can easily come together. The location is unique, with hills at 50+ mts over the sea, Rhenen becomes a true highlands area for the Netherlands. Also with historical value. An archeological site of more than 4000 years, from nordic settlements to historical events of great relevance in the last century (WW2), and in the middle age. A location center for trade, culture, pilgrimage, and nature. Also, a wonderful zoo and tourism services are available.
  • We may offer in close future monthly activities in other locations, like the city of Utrecht, for example.