Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Learn-Play Matrix-Q Skills

Gamified Learning Program – Have fun at learning

Tokenized rewards – Earn tokens you can later trade for products, services & time

Qualify for Work-Play opportunities – Earn points, ascend in rank, and get paid play-jobs


Up-level your performance with the new skills our future New-Economy needs

” Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover ” – L.D.M.F.


  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity
  • Learn the innovative Matrix-Q Skills to create together the new economy of the future we want

+ WORKSHOP  Matrix-Q Skills

+ INDIVIDUAL COACHING-TRINING (Remote-session) GTE Tool for assessment of Human-Capacity 

    • Data-driven, Impact-driven
    • Regenerative, circular, minimalist, systemic & holistic thinking
    • Learning, creativity, adaptation
    • Resilience, endurance, engagement capacity
    • Design
    • Coding, algorithms design
    • Social-empathy, emotional-intelligence
    • Innovation capacity, trapped value release capacity
    • Entrepreneurship & SDG’s compliance, Holistic-Strategic Management
    • Personal-leadership, Work-Life Balance & Happiness at work
    • Stress management, life-span management
    • Self-management & time management with emotions-awareness
    • Communication, collaboration, co-creativity
    • Community & human-connection driven
    • Complex-Systems Knowledge & Simple-Solutions Deployment
    • and much more

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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  (+ Matrix-Q Research Institute)

Has developed the Matrix-Q Skills & the Matrix-Q Holistic & Data-drive Education/Learning methodology.

To enhance human performance, and to empower the next 9 generations.

To enable the realization of the new economy, regenerative, circular, inclusive and holistic.

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  • We aim for a better future, for the following 9 generations
  • We understand the challenges that humanity, youth, impact-entrepreneurs and impact-leaders face today.
  • We want to enable a holistic quality of life, wealth and a positive impact
  • We acknowledge the challenges of a modern world filled with uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and change
  • We facilitate a smooth acquisition of the suitable and innovative skills, tools, data and knowledge
  • We make your journey more simple, and achievable

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  • With reality-games and simulations, L.A.R.P. (Live action role play), and e-games
  • We set goals, and achieve results together


  • By playing together, we create a powerful learning experience
  • By brining our focus and intention together, we accelerate each other and build a compound learning effect
  • By solving challenges together we build collective-intelligence, human-connection, and community (resilience, collaboration, communication, co-creativity capacity)

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The global culture, civilisation and nature in our planet is changing

In our modern times, humanity needs also a change that creates the feeling of safety, balance and purpose.

  • Change is a natural principle in life
  • As it happens to everything that surround us, from nature, to economy, knowledge, to our own mindset, emotions, thinking and behavior.
  • Along the last 10.000 years, humanity, culture and civilisation, has changed, and with it our planet has changed to
  • In the last 300+ years, linear thinking has misguided the industry creating waste, resource depletion, climate change, human inequalities and the extinction of millions of species
  • The approach today for governance and business, is that of taking responsibility for the impact the human footprint created in nature, societies and economies, aiming from zero to a positive impact
  • Innovative technologies also change our working and living environments, and challenge us to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge
  • Along covid-19 pandemic we have also experience how our self-reflective mind have brought to us questions like: What can I do, what do I need, how can I contribute, where can I go from here…
  • The stress levels, mental-health issues, and in general the feeling of vulnerability among the population and in particular in leadership levels has increased.
  • Self-awareness is in this time one of the most important abilities we can cultivate, and strengthen, to be able to self-orient ourselves based on what is really happening with us, learning how to move forward but also to keep a balance in our body, emotions, mind, spirit, work, private life, and personal journey
  • To be informed about healthy, sustainable, reliable, trusted options is the first step to make a responsible choice
  • Organizations, products, services, leaders, communities, are changing. We follow up, encourage, support, care
  • To invest in prevention is better than not to. So it is to invest in well informed decisions that can create a positive impact in the following 9 generations
  • The Matrix-Q Product Review, coach-trainer will collaborate with you to orient yourself among several alternatives that match your needs and interests

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  • We accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, circular and regenerative economy


  • By combining our data-driven methodology and human-competences we achieve measurable and faster results (Assisted by A.I. Engine)


  • Multidisciplinary, holistic, data driven


  • To empower impact-leaders 
  • To enhance their ability of creating a systemic-holistic-inclusive and positive impact


  • Certified Matrix-Q Professionals members of the Matrix-Q Guild.
    • Matrix-Q License Holders, Associated Consultants, Innovators & Entrepreneurs
    • Learn more about our drivers and about the Matrix-Q Guild


  • We encourage personal leadership
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Happiness at work
  • Family-Work Balance
  • Self-awareness
  • Holistic Lifestyle
  • Long Life Learning
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social empathy

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